Detective Division

Detective Division Supervisor
860-292-8240 ext. 1209

Detective Scott Roberts
860-292-8240 ext. 1208

Detective Dan Tessier

Officer Lindsey Valencia – School Resource Officer (SRO)
860-292-8240 ext. 1207

The East Windsor Police Department Detective Division conducts investigations that are deemed to be long-term, highly complex, technical or multi-jurisdictional. This unit also conducts background investigations for other Town Departments, in addition to all police department personnel. The Unit is also responsible for identification, collection and processing of forensic evidence in field and laboratory settings. The unit also actively ensures compliance with regulatory mandates such as sexual offender registration and firearms purchases.

Investigators receive extensive training in contemporary investigative techniques, such as evidence processing, narcotics investigations, photography, fingerprint recognition and advanced interview and interrogation techniques.

The Unit is staffed by two Detectives under the supervision of a Detective-Sergeant. The Det. Sgt. reports to the Operations Commander.

Please feel free to call or email the Detective Unit with any questions. The Unit can be reached by calling the main police number, 860-292-8240, and asking to speak with a Detective.

Youth Services & School Resources

The School Resource Officer (SRO) Program is a school based, community policing concept designed to promote positive relationship with today’s youth. One officer is assigned to the East Windsor School District and divides their time between the High School, Intermediate School and Elementary School.

In addition to enforcement activities and criminal investigations, the officer counsels students, conduct classroom presentations, assist school staff and are involved in varied community programs that impact our youth.

Please feel free to call us with any questions. The Unit can be reached by calling the main police number, 860-292-8240, and asking to speak with a School Resource Officer.

Property and Evidence

The Property and Evidence unit of the East Windsor Police Department is located at 25 School Street East Windsor, CT. We are responsible for the handling, processing, maintenance, storage, and where applicable return of all property/evidence in its possession. This includes physical evidence of crimes, lost and found property, narcotics, firearms and property seized with/without search warrants including prisoner property.
Connecticut State Statutes on Evidence

Handling of all property types complies with applicable Connecticut State statutes, court orders, and internal policies. For information on State statutes, see Sec. 54-36 and 54-36a through 54-36n:

Court orders for return of property are transmitted directly from the court to the Property and Evidence unit. This generally takes 10-14 days after adjudication of your case. No property can be released until the orders with the judge’s original signature is received. Once the orders are received, we will send you a letter which explains the procedure for making arrangements to pick up your property.

If you have any questions regarding property or evidence please contact us at 860-292-8240 ext. 1226.