Chief Matthew Carl
Deputy Chief Ben Murphy

Lieutenant Michael Poliquin
Sergeant Jeffrey Chant
Sergeant Derek Leab
Sergeant Julia Knowles
Sergeant Zach Sherman
Sergeant Duane Jones

Detective Scott Roberts
Detective Dan Tessier

Corporal Andrew Tudryn
Corporal Byron Smith
Corporal Nicolas Cangemi

Officer David Szabo
Officer Adam Mitchell
Officer Nicole Devlin
Officer Sean Walsh
Officer Lindsey Valencia
Officer Alex Hacia
Officer Nathan Blische
Officer Samantha Sanchez
Officer Brittany Dixon
Officer Anthony Calderon

Kathy DiBacco, Animal Control

Dispatcher Nick Miranda
Dispatcher Tracey Lewis
Dispatcher Yasmeen Ross
Dispatcher Jonathan Marshall
Dispatcher Filip Magiera

Communications/Technology Supervisor William Freeman

Renee LeGeyt, Administrative Assistant
Judith Tweedlie, Sup. of Records Division & Public Info.
Dan Angelica, Records Clerk

To email a department member, use their last name followed by the first letter of their first name

EXAMPLE – To email Chief Carl you would use