Communications Division

The East Windsor Police Department employs six full-time civilian Public Safety Dispatchers within the Communications Division. These professionals are the first point of contact between emergency services and the public. The Public Safety Dispatcher receives emergency and routine calls from the public for police services, medical assistance, fire department services, as well as animal control services.

The Public Safety Dispatcher must possess the ability to remain calm under a great deal of stress and pressure, be able to assess a situation quickly, and have excellent communication skills in order to relay vital information quickly and effectively. The dispatcher must also be extremely organized and able to multi-task as numerous events occur at one time.

Once a call is received in the communications division, the Public Safety Dispatcher must ascertain the nature and location of the emergency or routine complaint, determine which services are necessary and dispatch the appropriate resources in accordance with established procedures. The dispatcher is responsible for entering, updating and retrieving information from a variety of computer systems, maintaining contact with all units and knowing the status and location of all police responders. The Public Safety Dispatcher plays a key role in keeping responders and the public safe through the ability to calm callers, asking key questions and garnering correct information to relay to the responding officers.

Public Safety Dispatchers
Nick Miranda
Tracey Lewis
Yasmeen Ross 
Jonathan Marshall
Filip Magiera
Conner James

Communications/Technology Supervisor – William Freeman