Scam Alert!

One of our business owners reported that he received a phone call from 860-292-8240, which is our main phone number. The person claimed their name was “Sgt. Hooper” from our department and claimed the business owner’s wife had her identity stolen. When the business owner stated he would come to the Police Department to speak about the matter, “Sgt. Hooper” urged him that it was unnecessary and that they could handle the matter over the phone. It was clear to the business owner that this was a scam to extract personal information from him.

This scam has been occurring nationwide. Scammers will spoof a police department’s number using a computer program and it will show up on a victim’s caller ID as if the call is coming from the police department.

We are not going to ever ask for financial or social security information over the phone. We will also never call you demanding payment of any sort. If a call of this nature is made to your phone, please call us directly or come to our department as this business owner did. Do not rely on caller ID information as verification as to who may be calling as the phone number can be altered.