Memorial Day Arrest

On Memorial Day, just prior to the parade, an officer was patrolling the industrial park off of Route 5 when he noticed a vehicle with a male driver parked on the side of the road near the Newberry/Thompson Road intersection. The officer queried the vehicleโ€™s registration within the DMV files and it showed the registration plate did not belong on the vehicle and the registration plate had been recently reported stolen from a vehicle that had been parked in the Big Y parking lot. The vehicle began to leave the area and the officer pulled it over and began an investigation. Shortly thereafter, the driver ran from the traffic stop but did not get far before he was apprehended.

Further investigation found the vehicle he was driving was also recently reported stolen and it contained merchandise from Walmart that was stolen. Officers were able to watch Walmart surveillance video of the male stealing about $250 worth of merchandise just prior to the officer encountering him parked on the side of the road.

This is a great example of the proactive work our officers are doing each day to keep our community safe and to prevent and solve crime!ย #Proactivepolicing