Citizen Award

Yesterday afternoon we responded to Walmart for a wristlet purse that was dropped somewhere on the property. We spoke to the owner of the missing purse who was understandably upset as she reported the purse had between $600-$700 cash along with credit cards and other personal information. A Walmart Manager reviewed surveillance video but ultimately was unable to see where the owner had dropped it. The owner was devastated…..

That is when John from Town & Country Auto Body called us. John said he found the purse in the Walmart parking lot. He returned to Walmart and delivered the purse back to the owner. ALL of the cash was still inside.

We presented John with an EWPD Challenge Coin for his integrity. Another great example of why we are a strong #TownWideTeam.

Kudos also to the Walmart Manager who put a lot of effort trying to locate the purse and provided the owner with a gift card prior to when we found the purse. It wasn’t the amount of money on the gift card that was important, but the empathy of the gesture.

Be like John. Do something nice for someone today.